Painted mirror frame

This was the first upcycling project I set my mind to and I headed to Pinterest to get some ideas… could I just paint the orangey old pine mirror frame or would more be needed?

I checked a few sites suggested by Pinterest and saw it wouldn’t be too difficult – just some sanding, masking and several layers of paint.

The sanding took some time as there was a thick layer of varnish on the frame, but then I masking-taped the mirror glass to avoid having to scrape off paint afterwards. I had my tester pot of blue paint all ready (to match in with the blue stripy curtains in the bedroom) and got painting. It was a hot day so I got three coats of paint done very quickly.

MirrorI decided not to ‘shabby chic’ the frame by scuffing it up with sandpaper as I liked the look of the fully painted frame.

An easy first upcycling project, and it looks good on the wall!

Mirror 2


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