Painted wicker basket

My mum gave me an old wicker basket she found in a charity shop but I felt something was missing from it… or on it. It looked a little dated, so remembering a clip on ‘Kirsty’s Homemade Home’ where she dipped wicker baskets in paint; I decided to go for a method which required less equipment – the lazy method (which also meant less clearing up)!wicker basket

So rather than emptying huge amounts of paint into a tub large enough to dunk the basket in, I armed myself with a paintbrush and tester pot of paint – in fact, the same tester pot I used for the mirror and blackboard frames. Yes, it was more fiddly and time-consuming but for my slightly OCD ways, it was more pleasing as it has a much neater finish.

The only trouble is due to the weaving, there is no neat match up of lines from the start to the end of the section I painted – on the corner I started from, the end is a row above the start… but that corner faces the wall so is hidden.

Time-consuming, but it was a job to work on whilst the paint on the blackboard frame was drying, and the basket looks a lot more modern now. But there is a lid, so do I paint that too…?Summer 2015 001


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