Clay food jar tags

I got the idea for these from two different places – ‘Kirsty’s Homemade Home’ and Instagram. The Instagram page was selling them for £1.50 each and I was tempted just to order some, until I remembered seeing how ‘easy’ they are to make, according to Kirsty Allsopp. I couldn’t be bothered to search through her Channel 4 site to find the clip of her making them, so I turned to Pinterest instead. This is what inspired me…

TagsHooray! I found a huge pack of modelling clay in Poundland in various colours and I already owned cookie cutters and letter stamps so I could start straight away, and had great fun preparing the tags.

It wasn’t going to prove as simple as that though… I found out the annoying way when the tags wouldn’t harden in the oven. So now I had to turn to Google and I discovered there are actually several different types of modelling clay, some designed not to harden. Great.

One order on Amazon later and I had Fimo to the rescue. These baked perfectly but proved trickier to paint. Pinterest told me to paint them with acrylic paint, leave them to semi-dry then wipe off the excess so only paint would be left in the letter grooves. Nope, the black paint simply smeared across the tag and left a mess. My solution was to leave that to dry then I lightly painted over the tags with white paint to hide the smears, before I varnished them. Not the neatest finish (and the original inspiration look far more professional, but they are made in ceramic rather than Fimo!), so just don’t look too closely!Summer 2015 052

PS. This is the first project for which I actually saved the Pinterest site I used…


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4 thoughts on “Clay food jar tags”

  1. I will try and find you the picture of me proudly wearing FIMO earrings and broach I made. I loved that stuff – I also rolled out and made christmas decorations. 🙂

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