Painted glass bottles

I’d seen glass bottles painted in various ways on Instagram and Pinterest, and I’d slowly been collecting interesting jars and bottles over the last few months to have a go at painting. I liked bottles with raised lettering as they add a little bit of extra detail.

After looking on Pinterest to see if I could just paint on emulsion, or use primer, or use chalk paint, I found a good website that suggested a layer of blackboard paint (good thing I still had a huge tin of this left!) then layers of emulsion paint – the blackboard paint would give the chalky finish I wanted.

This took some time as each layer had to dry thoroughly before starting the next coat, and it was also fiddly due to the shape of the bottles. Then it was time for decoration. I’d chosen shades of blue to match the colour scheme in my bedroom (curtains for inspiration again!), and the cream and red hearts to match a small jug on my kitchen window sill. I then had two spare bottles that I decorated any old way to go in the spare bedroom. I used some sandpaper to brush over the raised lettering, to make it stand out too.


The whole process was quite long – two days – but worth the time… I think!

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