Rhubarb bundt cake

My second Pinterest rhubarb recipe. As lovely as the French rhubarb cake was, I was keen to try another recipe… and to use my new bundt cake tin! I found several recipes, but chose this one for the interesting addition of Greek yogurt to the cake mix, and making rhubarb syrup for the icing… Though that was a little ill-fated (more on that later!)

How it was *supposed* to look
How it was *supposed* to look

The recipe was very easy to follow and did make enough mix to fill the bundt tin. But then disaster! I didn’t read the recipe properly to see that I needed icing sugar to mix with the syrup for the ‘drizzle’ on top. I came up with an alternative though, and that was to treat it like a lemon drizzle cake and poke holes in the top of the baked cake and pour the syrup over it. This would have worked really well had it not been for the fact that I hadn’t quite baked the cake for long enough, and also I could have done with whisking it more to make it a lot airier, as the resulting cake was delicious but very dense and gooey inside. I’ll know what to do next time!

How it turned out... not the prettiest, but damn tasty!
How it turned out… not the prettiest, but damn tasty!

Recipe here: http://www.deliciouseveryday.com/rhubarb-bundt-cake/


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