Crochet bracelet

Crochet has been my long-term project this summer and I’ve been (slowly) working on a blanket with just a simple double crochet stitch as I’m not ready for anything more fancy than that yet… granny squares can wait!

My sister sent me the Pin for this one; crochet bracelets which didn’t look beyond my capabilities so I gave one a go. The instructions weren’t great for a novice such as myself, and making the loop at the end for the button to go through was a struggle, with lots of undoing and starting again, so I ended up cobbling something together which is probably nothing like the instructions say. Also attaching the button was my own brainwave as by that point I’d given up on the instructions completely.

It looks… ok… if you don’t look too closely, but in all honesty I’d probably never wear it (so if you want it, just ask!) but maybe when my crochet skills are a bit more honed, I’ll have another go.

Not my best...
Not my best…

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2 thoughts on “Crochet bracelet”

  1. Aaaah, Crochet is something I’ve never really tried, I was always told that being left-handed knitting and that kind of thing would be really hard for me… My mom couldn’t teach me but I’d love to learn. Any sites or books you recommend?


    1. I went to a beginners crochet course to learn the basics and I’ve been using Bella Coco tutorials on YouTube (she’s also on Instagram)… There may be left handed specific ones on there though 😊


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