At my favourite place to go for breakfast in the lovely Wimbledon Village, they do a ‘granola parfait’ – natural yogurt, granola and fresh fruit – and it’s delish. So I decided to create my own version in my kitchen; after all, I can’t go out for breakfast every weekend!

My inspiration... yum!
My inspiration… yum!

I searched for some easy granola recipes and found one that only needed five ingredients, and five ingredients I had in the cupboard already. It called for oats (naturally), oil, honey, vanilla extract and brown sugar. It was easy to make – just mix the lot in a bowl and spread the mixture over a baking tray (use baking paper so it doesn’t stick to the tray) and bake. Halfway through I added some chopped almonds and desiccated coconut for a bit of added flavour. I baked it for longer than the suggested 30 minutes as it looked rather anaemic; it was more like 45 minutes in the oven.

It tastes lovely but it is very crumbly – it doesn’t stick together in clumps and clusters like usual granola, but on reading other recipes, I see that adding egg white or extra syrup to the mixture helps with that. It is really tasty sprinkled over natural yogurt and fruit… or the unhealthy version, sprinkled over ice cream. Now I just need to make a new clay tag for the jar!

It *was* full...
It *was* full…
Granola in action
Granola in action

Recipe here:


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