Damson jam

I have a little damson tree in the garden which produced 5kg fruit last year – so much so I didn’t have enough jars for all the jam it produced, or a pan big enough, so about 1kg had to be put in the food recycling bucket. The recipe I used previously was ok but I didn’t get the setting point right so it was a bit runny, although it tasted lovely. I couldn’t find the same recipe this year, so I looked on Pinterest and found an easy-looking one to try.

The tree didn’t produce nearly as much fruit this year, so the jars I’d been collecting or getting from my mum all year will have to be saved for next year; I only got 1kg fruit this time… three jars’ worth!

The recipe said to put the damsons whole into the pan with the water and sugar, but last year after finding lots of wriggly things in the fruit, I decided to halve them as I didn’t really want the added protein!

Hubble bubble...
Hubble bubble…

It’s an easy recipe to follow, but once again I didn’t get the setting point right (I should invest in a jam thermometer) so I’ve ended up with a tasty, sweet damson sauce rather than jam… which is runnier than last year’s batch, great! At least the labels and jar lids look pretty.

Pretty jars!
Pretty jars, albeit only three of them!

Recipe here: http://www.tasteofhome.co.nz/easy-damson-plum-jam/

I used another Pinterest site as a reminder for how to sterilise the jars properly too: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-sterilise-jars


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