Crochet Poppies

I spotted an online craft company selling crochet poppies which got me thinking… I have red and green (albeit a sludgy green colour) wool already, so why not try making some myself?

The first finished product!
The first finished product!

I searched for crochet poppies on Pinterest and found several free patterns, but I’m not good at reading crochet patterns so when I found a video tutorial, I was pleased. It’s by ‘Bella Coco’ who does a lot of video tutorials through her YouTube account (I also follow her on Pinterest) and I learnt how to do crochet granny stripes from one of her video tutorials – that project isn’t yet finished but will appear on here when it is done, soon hopefully – so I knew I’d be able to follow this poppy tutorial.

It was the fiddliest and most detailed crochet I’ve done so far, and a few times I had to start over, but the end result looks good! They become quite addictive as they are quick to make once you get your head round the pattern; one evening I made four after getting a few requests.

Flower part completed
Flower part completed

I didn’t have any black wool so used a black button after seeing that idea on one of the other poppy patterns, and actually I think that looks nicer than the wool centre.

Once you start, it's hard to stop!
Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

I did donate to the Poppy Appeal when I saw someone selling poppies the other day, as I won’t need to buy one this year!

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