Jelly ‘haribo’ sweets

I spotted this recipe whilst browsing on Pinterest for some healthy Slimming World meals to try and thought it seemed quick and easy to make… and it was, mostly.

A very SWEET treat
A very SWEET treat

It involved making a very concentrated jelly mix, with two sachets of sugar-free jelly crystals (I used strawberry flavour) combined with two sachets of powdered gelatine and half a pint of boiling water. I poured two-thirds of the jelly mixture into a square Pyrex dish and put that into the fridge to set; this didn’t take long as it was a thin layer of jelly. I also used silicone ice cube trays, which seemed like a good idea at the time to make some flower-shaped sweets, but wasn’t! Then I added a pot of Muller Light yogurt (again, I used strawberry flavour) to the remaining one-third of jelly mixture and stirred together. I poured the jelly-yogurt mix on top of the set jelly and put back in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Ready for the fridge
Ready for the fridge

I then sliced around the edge of the dish and the jelly peeled out nicely, which I could then slice into small chunks. The ice cube trays were not as easy as that and I destroyed most of the flower-shaped sweets in the process of trying to remove them from the tray {unhappy face}.

Grrrrr ice cube tray disaster!
Grrrrr ice cube tray disaster!

A nice (low ‘syn’, if you know Slimming World) treat, but VERY sweet!

Recipe here:


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