Crochet blanket

This has been the longest project of all – a granny stripe crochet blanket. It took several months in total, and is rather on the small side, but for a first attempt at a crochet blanket isn’t too bad.

Lisbon 408
How it all began…

I used two Bella Coco video tutorials that I found on her Pinterest feed: one for the granny stripes and another for the triple picot border. I had searched through a lot of other tutorials, both written and video, for the granny stripes but found hers to be the easiest to follow and so used her video for the border too.


The stripes are very easy to do, and can become quite addictive in a ‘I’ll just do one more row’ way, and the video tutorial was clear and simple to follow. It just takes a very long time to finish a blanket! When it was finally done, I decided to add a border to neaten it up around the edges and to make it look finished. I chose the triple picot border for something a bit more challenging for me and because it just looked pretty.

The detail

Next time I’ll get the dimensions right so I can have a blanket for my entire bed and not just for my lap!

The end product 🙂

Granny stripe link here:

Triple picot border link here:


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