Crochet snowflakes

Whilst searching through Bella Coco’s Pinterest feed looking for edging borders for my blanket (see previous post), I spotted a tutorial for crochet snowflakes. I wanted to make some Christmas decorations for family members and a Christmas garland with pompoms (using my nifty new pompom maker).

The snowflake

The main part of the snowflake was very quick and easy to make; making the points of the snowflake was fiddlier and took quite a long time in comparison to the main part. As a result, some of the parts of my garland are flower-shaped, as that’s the shape you get before adding the points of the snowflake. I also used some of the unfinished snowflakes (i.e. flowers) to add to gift tags for Christmas presents (though I forgot to take a photo 😦 ).

So I actually ended up with a lot more from the one tutorial than just snowflakes: a garland, gift tags and a flower brooch too. It’s a lucky thing they’re quick to make!

The brooch
The garland

Link here:


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