Rosemaling-style heart

Rosemaling is a traditional form of folk art from Norway, and a beautiful design appeared in my Pinterest feed after I pinned some Scandinavian Christmas decorations.

ellen G 7
My original inspiration

I received a plain blackboard heart from my lovely mum for Christmas and after seeing the rosemaling heart-shaped design, I thought my own version of the decoration would look effective on it, so I researched a simpler design to adapt.

The heart and my trusty chalk paint pens

Unlike my previous slate heart painting attempt, I sketched out my design on paper first, since the heart is narrower than the one in the design I pinned.

The design I was adapting and my sketch

I also sketched it out on the heart too before starting to paint it. I ended up altering my original sketch to take out the side flowers as I thought they wouldn’t fit nicely; I added dots and extra leaves instead.

Pencil outline

I was limited by the colours of the chalk paint pens I have, but I am pleased with my first attempt at rosemaling. I love the symmetry and that it reminds me of canal barge painting, which my grandma was an expert at.

The colourful end result – my attempt at rosemaling

Original rosemaling image link here:

Adapted rosemaling image link here:


Crochet Christmas decorations

I’ve been collecting a lot of crochet Christmas decoration ideas over the past few weeks and managed to try three of them before the big day: a wreath, a star and a mini Santa hat.

The wreath: it may be a manky sludge-green colour but it was a quick make. I added the red ‘ribbon’ through the middle to try to pretty up the green.

I really should invest in a nicer green yarn!

The star: this was something different to the snowflakes (see previous post) to try, and a cute design. The edging isn’t great as the pattern was a bit hard for me to follow (I’m still learning to read crochet patterns) but from a distance it looks fine.

Cute little star

The mini Santa hat: another decoration made from a pattern that I wasn’t great at following so some parts at the top of the hat probably aren’t as neat as they should be, but it improves as you get towards the end. I decided to make a mini pompom for the top rather than a small crochet ball as I thought it’d look nicer, though it needs a trim to neaten it up.

Ho ho ho!

Wreath link here:

Star link here:

Mini Santa hat link here: