Lemon drizzle ‘cake’

The picture for this cake popped up on my Pinterest feed for healthy Slimming World recipe ideas, and looked so good, and it is a low-‘syn’ cake, so I thought this recipe couldn’t go wrong… I was mistaken!

How it looked in the picture… yummy!

This cake uses whisked egg whites with a little flour to act as the raising agent, rather than the usual quantities of flour and fat. It was easy to make and looked quite promising in its raw form. It even looked promising in the oven, and promising when it first came out the oven – all risen up and firm to the touch. The lemon smell was delicious too. However five minutes later the cake was as flat as a pancake!

Flat… and nothing like the Pinterest picture 😦

I forgot to take a photo of a slice of the cake, but imagine the inside of this picture to be part-omelette, part-soufflé, and part-something-odd in texture. It did taste nice, if a little artificial due to the sweetener used in place of sugar, but it looked nothing like the picture in the original Pin. I later channelled my inner-Sherlock and searched on Google Images for ‘lemon drizzle cake’ and found the picture there – the tricksters had used that instead of their own photo!

Recipe here (if you dare!): https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/533324780852339645/


Washi tape pegs

I love washi tape and keep buying it, but never know what to do with it. So I’ve been pinning washi tape projects – the bunting I previously blogged about was the first I tried, and these pegs are the second project.

The ingredients

I like to keep things organised so these pegs suit me no end. They took no time at all to make and tart up the humble clothes pegs nicely. I could have spent all day designing different patterns out of the three rolls of tape I had to hand. Washi tape is great because if you make a mistake, it peels off easily to start again.

Finished designs

For the next time, I’d consider giving the pegs a coat of PVA varnish to protect and give them a nice sheen. Also I’d try and get my hands on some mini magnets to use them as handy shopping list holders for the fridge. For now I’ll use them on my pin board and shelf.

Looking lovely on the pinboard
Adding some more colour to the shelf too

Link here: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/533324780853099532/

Amigurumi crochet chick

I’d been curious about the amigurumi style of crochet for some time but had put it off as it looked too difficult for the crochet novice that I am. Though I had pinned a few ideas ready for when I did feel adventurous enough to give it a try. I decided to try this cute chick, as the description said it’d take about an hour to make – in my view that meant easy.

Cute little chicks

It is a continuous double crochet spiral-style pattern which was fairly easy for me. I did underestimate the size of the chick… The pattern makes for a tiny chick and therefore it was very fiddly for my sausage fingers! I’ve mentioned in some of my previous crochet posts that I’m not great at reading crochet patterns, and I’m still not great at it. I did go wrong on this pattern and ended up with more of a snowman-shaped chick than a duck-shape as in the Pinterest photo. The beak also came out a bit wonky, though overall for a first attempt at amigurumi, it wasn’t a disaster.

My finished chick

Oh and I didn’t have enough yellow yarn, so went for a different colour scheme!

Link here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lil-duck