Custard creams

Whilst doing some Pinterest browsing, I found this custard cream recipe from a former winner of Great British Bakeoff, Jo Wheatley, which reminded me that I have her ‘A Passion for Baking’ book and so I used that to follow the recipe.

My end result

Following the measurements exactly produces very crumbly dough, so I had to squash it together very firmly and chill it. In fact I chilled it to the extreme by putting it in the freezer for a few weeks, after running out of time to finish the biscuits that day! I rolled out the dough very shortly after removing it from the freezer which helped keep it not-crumbly (I expected it to fall apart, but was impatient to start baking so didn’t let it defrost completely) and I rolled it out quite thinly, as the recipe recommends.

Stage 1: biscuit making

After the biscuits were baked and cooled I made the icing to sandwich them together. The measurements were completely wrong for this and I ended up with a watery mess. I suppose it was my fault for dumping everything in a bowl and not adding the liquid gradually. So I ended up adding loads more icing sugar and custard powder to make an icing that was pipe-able.

Stage 2: icing making, piping and sandwiching

The end result looked and tasted good, though the biscuits are more like a vanilla shortbread with a very sweet icing than a contender to the shop-bought custard cream. They were actually better the next day, when the icing had completely hardened.

Recipe here:


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