Crochet willow square

My current crochet WIP is a baby blanket, and I didn’t want to go for a basic single or double crochet square – I find it gets a bit boring and repetitive, which is why my other WIP (a star blanket) has been put to one side for now.willow 4

I’d previously seen a video tutorial for a ‘willow square’ and thought it looked pretty and dainty for a baby blanket. I also liked the idea of making lots of squares to later join together, as they’d be quicker to make.

The first square took me roughly two hours to make and follows four different stages in the video tutorial. Once you get the hang of the pattern, though, the squares become much quicker to make.

I started a mini production line in the end, whilst getting used to the pattern – I made six yellow middles, then did all the blue insides, then the cream parts and then the final yellow border – I ended up with six complete squares very quickly.willow 2

So far they haven’t been too tricky to make and I have been sewing in the ends as I go along, which I’d recommend rather than being faced with hundreds of fiddly ends and the dread of that boring job. Now my next stage is to learn to ‘block’ the squares and then to join them all; two future blog posts, I think!willow 3

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4 thoughts on “Crochet willow square”

  1. Your crochet squares look beautiful. I started to teach myself to crochet a few months back, I have succeeded in a basic double stitch square so far, slow progress for me.


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