Crochet square blocking

Having a growing pile of willow squares (see previous post), I decided it was time to start blocking them ready for joining. I looked at several Pinterest pins for how to block, having never done it before, and found this to be the simplest looking method.

Just some of the squares made so far

It requires a foam pad, bamboo skewers and a water spray bottle. I used some additional blocking pins I’d bought on Amazon too. I sprayed the squares lightly with water before pinning them to the board with the bamboo skewers in each corner. I used the blocking pins to straighten each edge. The foam pad I used is one especially for crochet blocking with grid lines printed on it to help keep edges straight, but it could be easily duplicated with a cheap piece of plain foam with hand-drawn lines.

My blocking board

I blocked the squares in sets of four and each set took about 24 hours to dry out – so a long process!

Once removed from the board I then stored the squares under a heavy book and paperweights to keep them flat.

Keeping the squares flat after blocking

An easy but long process (unless I buy more foam pads) to block crochet squares. Now the next job is to work out how to join the squares and add a border!

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