Crochet star blanket

I began this blanket at New Year after seeing a Bella Coco video tutorial pop up on my Pinterest feed, and made great progress initially – the short sides of the star meant it built up quickly. But then the progress slowed down. A lot. The miserable dark winter nights, a kitchen renovation and the early stages of pregnancy led to a lazy me who put the blanket aside and left it for several months. 

Finally finished!

Along came summer, renewed energy levels and a finished baby blanket (see previous willow square posts) and so more motivation to get the star blanket completed. It was slow-going, with much longer sides to complete but I got there in the end. I toyed with the idea of making it my biggest blanket yet by adding one more round of each colour, but my lazy side, and lack of yarn, stepped in and stopped that idea! 

Starry πŸ™‚

I did struggle with the curling corners of the star, and I added an extra round of double crochet (the rest is all triple) to try and flatten it out, but with only minor success. I would try blocking it, but I don’t actually have enough floor space to lay it flat, so for now I’ll live with the curled corners. 

Curly :/

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7 thoughts on “Crochet star blanket”

  1. Try a larger gauge needle for looser stitches… It should help with the curling. You could also try adding a border. There is a really easy tutorial on YouTube for a puff stitch border. It looks great and good luck 😊

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