Joining and edging the willow squares blanket

You may have read my previous posts about making crochet willow squares and blocking them; the next jobs were to join the squares and put a border on the whole blanket.

The finished blanket

There are lots of ways to join crochet squares and most of the methods I found were for joining granny squares. The individual granny squares tend to have a triple crochet outer round whereas the willow squares have two rounds of double crochet, so I struggled to work out the conversion (I am a crochet novice!) to join them together. I then found someone who simply ‘sewed’ the squares together with a darning needle and yarn so I tried that, and it worked.

‘Sewing’ the square together

I joined the squares into rows first and then rows to rows. Since I am a novice, not all my squares had the same amount of stitches on each side so I had to double up some of the stitches but it is subtle and doesn’t ruin the final product.

Row 1 complete

I decided on a ‘scallop’ border as it’s a simple design which I thought wouldn’t take away from the pretty detail of the willow square. It also helped that it is a simple pattern to follow. Overall, I’m really rather chuffed with myself and the first baby blanket I’ve made.

Close-up of the scallop border

Joining link here:

Border link here:


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