Spiced plum crisp

I had some plums to use up before going away on holiday so turned to trusty old Pinterest for some inspiration. One of the first pins I found was for this, a spiced plum crisp, which on the picture looked suspiciously like a crumble. And like a crumble it was.

The leftover plums

The description says “the easiest, most delightful dessert you will make”, and this was no lie. Chuck the plums in an ovenproof dish with some sugar and flour. Make the ‘crisp’ (aka crumble) topping and stick it on top of the plums. Bake and voilà!

With and without the ‘crisp’

It’s an American recipe so it meant I could dig out my lovely ceramic cup measures again and not worry about converting the measurements to grams. Though I did need to google what 350°F is in Celsius… 176.667°, if you’re interested.

Pear Flapjacks 3
I got to use these again 🙂

I think what makes this a ‘crisp’ rather than a ‘crumble’ is, it’s American (haha) and the topping contains oats, although I often do add oats to my crumbles for some extra texture. I overdid the spice a bit so would use less next time to enjoy the flavour of the plums more, but the recipe was both easy and delightful overall.

Lovely with a dollop of vanilla ice cream

Recipe here: http://pin.it/7IB1Bz-


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