Crochet baby elf hat

A new crochet tutorial from Bella Coco (yes, her again, but her tutorials are excellent!) came up on my Pinterest feed and it looked too cute not to try out – a crochet elf hat for babies, just in time for Christmas.

The pattern starts off a bit complicated for a crochet novice like me and I had to undo the stitches and begin again a few times. You start with the headband which is a line of stitches which you join together, and then the rest works in rounds of treble crochet.

Once the initial headband is completed, the rest of the hat progresses quickly and easily. The tutorial is to make a hat for a 6-9 month old,  but I was making one for my newborn, so I adjusted the number of stitches to what I thought would work and estimated its size. It doesn’t look too messy though. 

The tutorial includes a pompom on the end, but I couldn’t find my pompom maker, so I just gathered in the end of the hat to make a point. It fits my baby perfectly and was quick to make during her nap times; I’m delighted with it overall and so is Elise! Link here:


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