Crochet tulip stitch headband 

I’ve had a tutorial for the tulip stitch blanket pinned for some time, but never got round to trying it out; then a suggestion popped up on my Pinterest feed for a child’s headband using the tulip stitch which prompted me to give it a go. 

My little model 💕

I used the Bella Coco (who else?!) video tutorial for the blanket, rather than the written instructions for the headband, as I still can’t read them very well and I find the videos so much easier to follow. The tulip stitch is made up of double crochet, the v-stitch and the puff stitch, and it’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it. I simply did one ‘row’ of tulips measured to the size of my daughter’s head. 

Whilst it was quite simple, my first attempt is not very neat. It didn’t help that I used different thicknesses of yarn for the edges and the flowers, whoops! The ends didn’t match up neatly either, so I came up with a somewhat creative (i.e. lazy) alternative to sewing the ends together – I gathered all the ends of yarn and tied them in a knot. Not the best solution, but it works. I’ll try and be neater next time… when I have three yarns of equal weight! I’ll update when I’ve had the chance to have another go. 

Headband link here:

Video tutorial link here:


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