Treasure baskets

Now that my little girl can sit up really well unaided and is interacting more with her toys, I decided to try out some different baby sensory games with her. This week it has been all about the treasure basket

Treasure baskets are simply baskets (or boxes or any other small holding device) filled with different baby-friendly objects for babies to explore. Ideally the objects should be a range of textures, materials and shapes to stimulate their senses, and things you can just find around the house. I like mine to have a different theme and I find a book to follow along with the theme, so we can read it afterwards as a ‘plenary’ (I’m a teacher, I can’t help it!). 

Here are a few examples of my treasure baskets:

Animals… in this basket I put a small fabric book, a butterfly teething toy, a wooden dinosaur, two finger puppets and a Peter Rabbit rattle/soft toy. 

Musical instruments… this had a few rattles, bells and shakers to make a lot of noise. 

It’s been fascinating to sit back and watch my baby explore these treasure baskets and take each item (including the basket!) to find out more. 

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s treasure basket with its dinosaur theme. 

Link here: