Joining and edging the Victorian lattice squares blanket

I spent some time considering how to join and then edge my Victorian lattice squares into a blanket and took inspiration from some photos of finished blankets I found on Pinterest (see link below).

As mentioned in my previous post (here) I put a triple crochet Granny stripe border on my Victorian lattice squares for uniformity of stitches around each one. This them made it very easy to join the squares; I used a single crochet stitch to join the squares into ‘lines’ and then to join the lines together for the blanket.

I then did a double crochet stitch around the entire blanket, again for uniformity and also to provide a solid edge to work my border against.

I chose a mixture of two borders: firstly triple crochet edge to make the blanket a bit bigger, and then I used another Bella Coco video tutorial to add a scallop edge to the blanket. This makes a lovely, detailed edge and really finishes the blanket off. It consists of groups of triple crochet stitches and so is very simple to do.

Rather than block the individual squares (which I really should have done!) I blocked the entire blanket by dampening it and then using my daughter’s play mat to stretch it out on overnight.

In hindsight I would have added an extra row of squares to make the blanket bigger and rectangular, but this is the first blanket I’ve made as a gift and I’ll be very proud when my sister unwraps it for her birthday!

Inspiration link here:

Crochet scallop edge link here:


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