Jewellery pegboard

Whilst I have some nice jewellery boxes, they’re stuck beneath baby paraphernalia on my bedside table and so get forgotten. I came up with the idea of using some pegboard to create a hanging space for some of my jewellery (and to actually wear it!) after seeing on Facebook someone’s board that they use for their craft supplies. I looked first on Etsy and Not On The High Street for boards to buy, but for at least £30 each I felt I couldn’t justify the cost. Then I turned to Pinterest for ideas to make my own and got lots of inspiration. 

The end result

I bought a piece of pegboard, some dowels and pegboard hooks from Amazon – this all could be bought from a DIY store but with a baby on the scene I found using a seller on Amazon to be far more convenient. 

I used some leftover paint from painting my mirror frame and wicker basket (see links for old posts) and gave the board two coats of paint, as well as painting a few pieces of dowel. It was very quick, only taking about 30 minutes in total. I then rummaged around in my sewing basket for some ribbon to use to hang the board, and found some nice gold stuff that had probably been salvaged from an old box of chocolates! 

Yes, that is a baby changing mat underneath!

I love the end result and it fits in well with the mirror and basket in the corner of my bedroom. 

And the wicker basket is just underneath!

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Baby scans frame

I wrote this post over three months ago, but something happened to delay it being published… I became a mother! Elise Patricia James was born on October 5th. 😀 So here is the original post, as I quite like how I ended it. 

Another nursery decoration make for today; I’ve been gathering ideas over the past few weeks for decorating baby’s room. I wanted a way of displaying the scan photos and thought this was a lovely idea, especially as I already had an IKEA frame that was perfect for it.

I used leftover wallpaper samples from my butterfly frame project and cut them to the right size to use as colourful backgrounds for the scans. I wanted each background to be different to make it colourful and interesting, and to link in with the butterflies. 
I tried out different layouts with the photos and labels – both in the middle (scan in top, label beneath); label on the mount; alternating photo on the left in one and on the right in the other – but I thought this layout worked. 

I did attempt to write the labels myself by looking up some simple hand lettering pins, but they didn’t work so I settled on printing the labels in a nice font on some fancy paper leftover from my wedding invitations (nice link, I thought). I now need baby to arrive so I can fill in the final frame. ❤ 

And now it is filled!

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Butterfly framed art

In looking for ideas for decorating a nursery, I found pins for framed butterfly prints and thought, I can do that!

And I could do that!

I popped along to my local Homebase and picked up lots of samples of the girliest wallpapers I could find (free), to Wilkinson’s for a box frame (£4.50) and a tester pot of pink paint (£1).

One of the wallpaper samples I chose had butterflies all over it, so I cut out a small one to use as a template, rather than print an outline from Google Images or attempt to draw one myself. I then cut out 12 butterflies; two from each style of wallpaper. I folded six of them down the centre to make the wings appear to lift from the background.

I painted the frame with some basic emulsion paint in ‘marshmallow’. This needed three coats of paint as the bare wood soaked up the first coat almost immediately.

Nicely painted frame

I then glued the six flat butterflies to a plain background and the six folded ones on top, and reassembled the frame. Et voilà!

On Pinterest, the frames I spotted were for sale on sites like Etsy for well over £10. Mine cost me £5.50 and only a few hours of my time. And I think it’s perfect for a little girl’s bedroom.

Pink, pretty, perfect for a little girl’s bedroom

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Washi tape pegs

I love washi tape and keep buying it, but never know what to do with it. So I’ve been pinning washi tape projects – the bunting I previously blogged about was the first I tried, and these pegs are the second project.

The ingredients

I like to keep things organised so these pegs suit me no end. They took no time at all to make and tart up the humble clothes pegs nicely. I could have spent all day designing different patterns out of the three rolls of tape I had to hand. Washi tape is great because if you make a mistake, it peels off easily to start again.

Finished designs

For the next time, I’d consider giving the pegs a coat of PVA varnish to protect and give them a nice sheen. Also I’d try and get my hands on some mini magnets to use them as handy shopping list holders for the fridge. For now I’ll use them on my pin board and shelf.

Looking lovely on the pinboard
Adding some more colour to the shelf too

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Rosemaling-style heart

Rosemaling is a traditional form of folk art from Norway, and a beautiful design appeared in my Pinterest feed after I pinned some Scandinavian Christmas decorations.

ellen G 7
My original inspiration

I received a plain blackboard heart from my lovely mum for Christmas and after seeing the rosemaling heart-shaped design, I thought my own version of the decoration would look effective on it, so I researched a simpler design to adapt.

The heart and my trusty chalk paint pens

Unlike my previous slate heart painting attempt, I sketched out my design on paper first, since the heart is narrower than the one in the design I pinned.

The design I was adapting and my sketch

I also sketched it out on the heart too before starting to paint it. I ended up altering my original sketch to take out the side flowers as I thought they wouldn’t fit nicely; I added dots and extra leaves instead.

Pencil outline

I was limited by the colours of the chalk paint pens I have, but I am pleased with my first attempt at rosemaling. I love the symmetry and that it reminds me of canal barge painting, which my grandma was an expert at.

The colourful end result – my attempt at rosemaling

Original rosemaling image link here:

Adapted rosemaling image link here:

Decorated heart-shaped slate

I found this heart-shaped piece of slate in Wilkinson for a couple of pounds and picked it up as a cheap stocking filler for a friend. When I came to wrap it I decided it was a bit dull and since I have a pack of chalk pens, I thought I’d add a bit of my own decoration to it.

Nice, but plain (my crochet blanket is sneaking in on the action too!)


I searched ‘home is where the heart is’ on Pinterest for some pretty images to copy, which then brought suggestions for other chalkboard designs and pictures.

I went for a combination of one image saying ‘welcome to our home’ (as I didn’t think my original quote idea would fit on a small slate), and one set of flowery decorations that I thought would work on the heart shape. I was bold and didn’t sketch it out first but drew the design straight onto the slate and painted over it a few times. Luckily I didn’t make any mistakes, though I don’t 100% like my lettering on ‘home’ as it’s a bit chunky compared to the other writing.

A bit more interesting now!

I wish I’d bought more slates for Christmas presents as it was a quick make and looks heartfelt (see what I did there!).

Lettering link here:

Decoration link here:

Mini bunting

Washi tape projects began to appear in my Pinterest newsfeed recently, even more so after I pinned an idea for decorating stationery with the stuff. The first project I tried out was for mini bunting, as you can never have enough bunting in a home!

The ingredients…

I’d found a pack of three rolls of washi tape at Tiger for mere pennies and then the only other thing I needed was string. It was a simple project and took no time at all to fold the tape around the string and then snip the corners to make the traditional bunting shape.

Where it has ended up

It’s a cute little decoration and as I have some Christmas tape too, it’s a project I will definitely try again to add an alternative to beads or tinsel on the Christmas tree.

Note: it’s now after Christmas that I’m typing up my notes and I have to admit, I didn’t have time to try the Christmas-themed washi tape bunting… Next year!

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