Perfect brownies

I love to bake and can turn my hand to most cakes, biscuits and sweet treats, but, I have never had the greatest success with brownies. I’m not sure why; despite following recipes to the letter, my previous attempts have been too dry, too gooey or just simply not good so I stopped trying. Until now!

I found a recipe that not only claimed to be super-easy but also made the “perfect brownie”, so I gave it a go. And oh my, they were good! I so highly recommend this recipe.

The recipe is indeed very simple: melt some dark and white chocolate with some butter; whisk up the eggs and some muscovado sugar; stir the chocolate mixture in; fold in the flour and baking powder; pour into a tin and bake. Et voilĂ !

I followed the recipe owner’s advice on her blog for cutting the perfect brownie… I left the bake to cool completely in the tin, then popped it in the fridge for a few hours before slicing it up. The brownies are so sticky that being completely chilled stops the sharp knife from getting stuck.

Now, be warned! These brownies are utterly delicious and seriously moreish, but incredibly rich too, so restrain yourself from eating too many in one go!

Recipe here:


Crochet baby booties

I am still on my quest to find quick and easy crochet projects, and at roughly one hour per bootie, this counts as one of those. For once this is a blog post for a video tutorial which isn’t by Bella Coco; I decided to try someone new out. The video was fine, though the woman on it has a rather insipid voice and repeats herself frequently, so I’ll probably stick with the old faithful, BC, in future! 

This is a quick and easy project (providing I can knock the hour for one bootie down to an hour for the pair) and the pattern is simple to follow; most stitches are half-trebles or doubles. The tutorial does use US terminology which took a bit of getting used to, and I did make a few errors when it referred to US single crochet stitches which are actually UK doubles. 

The pattern creates a neat bootie which has some attractive stitches up close. My first attempt turned out really well and I am pleased with the result. I’ve even ordered more of the chunky yarn I used to get started on some more pairs in different colours. First I need to work out how to alter the pattern to make bigger booties, as these fit my little girl perfectly and so won’t last very long! 

Link here: