Crochet baby booties

I am still on my quest to find quick and easy crochet projects, and at roughly one hour per bootie, this counts as one of those. For once this is a blog post for a video tutorial which isn’t by Bella Coco; I decided to try someone new out. The video was fine, though the woman on it has a rather insipid voice and repeats herself frequently, so I’ll probably stick with the old faithful, BC, in future! 

This is a quick and easy project (providing I can knock the hour for one bootie down to an hour for the pair) and the pattern is simple to follow; most stitches are half-trebles or doubles. The tutorial does use US terminology which took a bit of getting used to, and I did make a few errors when it referred to US single crochet stitches which are actually UK doubles. 

The pattern creates a neat bootie which has some attractive stitches up close. My first attempt turned out really well and I am pleased with the result. I’ve even ordered more of the chunky yarn I used to get started on some more pairs in different colours. First I need to work out how to alter the pattern to make bigger booties, as these fit my little girl perfectly and so won’t last very long! 

Link here: