Mini blackboard

Last year I bought a mini blackboard from Poundland as a possible prop for my wedding… but the chalk wouldn’t write on it as it was too plasticky, so it got tucked in a corner and forgotten until now. I had paint left over from the mirror frame and I bought a tin of blackboard paint from The Range for about a fiver.


I painted the plain wooden frame first and it only took two coats of paint. Then I layered on the blackboard paint. I suppose this wasn’t really a Pinterest project as the sites I visited were for painting MDF or similar bases rather than a piece of ‘blackboard’ (in Poundland’s eyes). I did about three layers of this paint as the brand I bought is also magnetic, so the more layers, the more magnetic it gets. I didn’t mask off the frame as it proved too fiddly, so I relied on just a steady hand on the edges.

I decided to use the blackboard in the kitchen for the weekly menu (yes, we’re that organised!), using Velcro picture hanging pads for easy putting up and pulling down from the side of the fridge. I think it looks pretty good, and it’s very handy!Summer 2015 002

Painted mirror frame

This was the first upcycling project I set my mind to and I headed to Pinterest to get some ideas… could I just paint the orangey old pine mirror frame or would more be needed?

I checked a few sites suggested by Pinterest and saw it wouldn’t be too difficult – just some sanding, masking and several layers of paint.

The sanding took some time as there was a thick layer of varnish on the frame, but then I masking-taped the mirror glass to avoid having to scrape off paint afterwards. I had my tester pot of blue paint all ready (to match in with the blue stripy curtains in the bedroom) and got painting. It was a hot day so I got three coats of paint done very quickly.

MirrorI decided not to ‘shabby chic’ the frame by scuffing it up with sandpaper as I liked the look of the fully painted frame.

An easy first upcycling project, and it looks good on the wall!

Mirror 2