Lemon drizzle ‘cake’

The picture for this cake popped up on my Pinterest feed for healthy Slimming World recipe ideas, and looked so good, and it is a low-‘syn’ cake, so I thought this recipe couldn’t go wrong… I was mistaken!

How it looked in the picture… yummy!

This cake uses whisked egg whites with a little flour to act as the raising agent, rather than the usual quantities of flour and fat. It was easy to make and looked quite promising in its raw form. It even looked promising in the oven, and promising when it first came out the oven – all risen up and firm to the touch. The lemon smell was delicious too. However five minutes later the cake was as flat as a pancake!

Flat… and nothing like the Pinterest picture 😦

I forgot to take a photo of a slice of the cake, but imagine the inside of this picture to be part-omelette, part-soufflé, and part-something-odd in texture. It did taste nice, if a little artificial due to the sweetener used in place of sugar, but it looked nothing like the picture in the original Pin. I later channelled my inner-Sherlock and searched on Google Images for ‘lemon drizzle cake’ and found the picture there – the tricksters had used that instead of their own photo!

Recipe here (if you dare!): https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/533324780852339645/


Jelly ‘haribo’ sweets

I spotted this recipe whilst browsing on Pinterest for some healthy Slimming World meals to try and thought it seemed quick and easy to make… and it was, mostly.

A very SWEET treat
A very SWEET treat

It involved making a very concentrated jelly mix, with two sachets of sugar-free jelly crystals (I used strawberry flavour) combined with two sachets of powdered gelatine and half a pint of boiling water. I poured two-thirds of the jelly mixture into a square Pyrex dish and put that into the fridge to set; this didn’t take long as it was a thin layer of jelly. I also used silicone ice cube trays, which seemed like a good idea at the time to make some flower-shaped sweets, but wasn’t! Then I added a pot of Muller Light yogurt (again, I used strawberry flavour) to the remaining one-third of jelly mixture and stirred together. I poured the jelly-yogurt mix on top of the set jelly and put back in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Ready for the fridge
Ready for the fridge

I then sliced around the edge of the dish and the jelly peeled out nicely, which I could then slice into small chunks. The ice cube trays were not as easy as that and I destroyed most of the flower-shaped sweets in the process of trying to remove them from the tray {unhappy face}.

Grrrrr ice cube tray disaster!
Grrrrr ice cube tray disaster!

A nice (low ‘syn’, if you know Slimming World) treat, but VERY sweet!

Recipe here: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ec/da/83/ecda83ce98768e9af4bc20dfba38a190.jpg